Bumper 24 Hours for Stockwell Street Roofs

1) Stage 1 of the bee hive installation was completed yesterday. The bees arrived in a smaller traveling boxes and the larger hives were located on roof 1. IMG_1122

2) Camera traps were installed on two roofs to capture any wildlife movement.


3) The Mallard pair come back again. Will they nest?



Missouri Evening Primrose pods found on Roofs

A good number of Oenothera macrocarpa seed pods have been found 4 storeys up on the Stockwell Street Roofs. These large 4 finned pods have been blown in from a surrounding area. This illustrates that more research is required into how winds circulate around buildings and also how species can move substantial distances and heights. It is presumed that the seed pods have blown in from Greenwich Park. IMG_0413