ABC: Activating Biophilic Cities Conference (4-5 September 2018)

The University of Greenwich Green Roofs and Living Walls Centre and the Department of Architecture and Landscape are proud to announce our ABC: Activating Biophilic Cities, London Conference on 4-5 September 2018.

Natural elements such as street trees and planting have been a feature of our cities for hundreds of years and today the ecosystem services that city vegetation delivers through avenues, parks and gardens, urban forests, green roofs and living walls are well known and largely celebrated. The necessity for clean air, daylight, sunlight and natural materials are also a prerequisite for health and wellbeing in our buildings and hopefully sick building syndrome will become a thing of the past. Whilst many disciplines dabble in the ‘green arts’ of biophilia, where individual house and buildings may be seen to adhere, at least in part to biophilic principles, we are a long way from celebrating the first biophilic school, or the first biophilic hospital or office building and indeed the first biophilic city.

The aim of this conference is bring together all those who are involved in biophilia, in practice and in principal. Those who will participate will be working both in the built environment and in the manufacture of natural materials used in the built environment and also in the delivery of health and wellbeing. Whilst biophilic principles are simple, practice needs a kick start to increase the pace of change towards providing places and spaces that improve the quality of life for people and nature in our cities. ​ This conference will do this through the delivery of high quality keynote speakers (to be announced shortly) and the delivery of  peer reviewed papers as well as the facilitation of a ‘White Paper’ on the Biophilic City which will be formulated through working group sessions on Biophilia in Health, Education, Commercial Buildings, Landscape etc.

Participate and activate your part in this process. Become part of the solution and less of the problem. Let us interrupt the commonplace to become the special place. Help make September the 5th Biophilic Cities Day, a day to celebrate how we incorporate nature into our urban environment.

To register for this event, please click on the following link: ABC: Biophilic Cities

For further information please contact us using the form below:


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