Our Facilities

Stockwell Street Roof ZonesOur new facilities include fourteen roof areas with over 4500 square metres of space, not including wall space.  The roof was planned and designed as an overall research and education project and its uniqueness is recognised by the British Research Establishment through the award of a BREEAM innovation credit.

The roof houses two integrated greenhouses used for aquaponics research, which is unique in London. The roof also hosts an algae bioreactor.

Two of the largest roof spacesHerbs will be used specifically to research growing a large variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits at roof level. Four bee hives will provide pollinators for the gardens and honey. These gardens will also be used for education (university, local schools and local communities) as well as for training, increasing biodiversity and as an active garden social space.


The inclusion of a weather station on the roof, the first in Greenwich, will tie into the building’s management systems and allow for extensive data collection. This data will also be useful for other sectors of the university and environmental research in London and the South East.