Green Infrastructure in Urban Living: Creating Jobs through Education (2 September 2017)

The importance of Green Infrastructure in helping to diminish the urban heat island effect and mitigate air pollution is widely acknowledged, and living walls should be an integral part of the suite of measures implemented as part of any Green Infrastructure strategy. By growing plants vertically, on buildings and indeed within buildings, we can help to improve the quality of our cities and the quality of life and well-being for the people and wildlife that inhabit them.

This conference will bring together experts and stakeholders from local government, industry, the built environment professions, and education. Key note speakers will highlight the importance of green infrastructure for sustainable urban living, and representatives from some of the key players in the living wall industry will demonstrate their systems and answer questions. There will be an opportunity to see the Very Large Internal Living Wall which has recently been installed at the conference venue, and to visit some of the green roofs on the building which, totaling some 4500 square metres, make it the largest multifunctional green roof in Europe. You will also be able to try out the Living Wall Wellbeing Hub, which brings together the latest neuroscience, technology and eco-innovation. The conference will conclude with a presentation on the EU-funded Erasmus+ ‘Vertical Plant Life’ project which is developing a Further Education curriculum for providing training in the installation and maintenance of living walls.

Copies of the presentations can be found on the Conference Website:

Vertical Plant Life Training Needs Survey Analysis – Final Report can be downloaded here:

Confidence on growing market for green walls